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Shine Everyday Lipgloss

Shine Everyday Lipgloss

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Shine Everyday Lipgloss is a moisturizing lipgloss with a highshine payoff! This lip gloss creates voluminous lips with an explosive glasslike shine that instantly elevates any look!

What Makes It Different

✨️Nourishes and hydrates lips while providing a touch of color and mirror like shine.

✨️Melts into lips upon application, for a high shine finish- giving the illusion of fuller plumper lips.ㆍ

✨️Vegan formulation with colors and flavors from nature!

✨️Highly vibrant pigment that tints the lips when wore on its own, and adds a touch of extra color and gloss when layered over Creamy Matte lipstick!

Our Technology

Thixo-Gel Network System
✨️A combination of beeswax and oleic surfectant to stabilize the oil emoliant, forming a soft moisturizing film that glides onto lips.

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